Chamber (small ensemble)

Breaking the Surface (2006) for alto saxophone, bass trombone, viola, and cello (3')
Sonatina, "The Dance of Sound and Space" (2006) for violin (or flute) and piano (8')
Changing My Spots (2005) for open instrumentation (open duration)
The Wind’s Trace Rests on Waves and Leaves for string quintet (sq +cb) (2004-05) (18')
Shake the Tree (2004-05) for piano four-hands (20')
Where Sound and Thought Meet (2003) for saxophone quartet  (6')
Piano Trio No.2, "The Blossom" (2002) (17')
Excavating the Perfect Farewell (2003) for viola and piano (15')
Four Occasions (2002-3):
Blessing for Two for violin and vibraphone (5')
Gideon's Lullaby for two trumpets (3')
From the Ground Up for piano (3')
Solo Song for soprano alone (7')

String Quartet No.2, "Fear of Death/Love of Life" (2001) (22')

Coloring Sound's Scent (2001) for oboe. cello, and piano (8')
Transcendental Cakewalk (2001) for alto saxophone (E-flat), clarinet, electric guitar, ’cello, contrabass, piano, and percussion (7') 
Open (1998) for string trio (18')
The Eternal Bagatelle (1997) for open instrumentation (10'-15')
Villa of the Mysteries (1997) for flute, violin, cello, and piano (19')
Our Meeting is Inevitable (1996) for brass quintet [tuba] (9')
Bells Dance, Drums Ring (1996) for percussion quartet (7')
Event Horizon  (1995) for clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, and contrabass (15')
A Sampler of the Senses (1994) for viola, 'cello, and piano (9')
Two for Le Nôtre (1993-4) for baroque quartet [baroque flute and violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord] (11')
Duke Meets Mort  (1992) for saxophone quartet (12')
100 Views from the Bird's Eye (1991) for flute, bass clarinet, and piano (7')
Growing Up (1990) for string quartet (8')*
Magic Act (1988) for violin and marimba (10')
A Fork in the Road (1987) for wind quintet (10')
Sunburst (1985) for brass quintet and computer-generated tape (8')
A Path Between Cloud and Light (1985) for string quartet (11')
Always Rising (1979) for piano trio (13')
Waterlight (1978) for piano, vibraphone, and glockenspiel (10')