Solo instrument (without accompaniment)

Bird Escapes Cage; Takes Flight (1998) for solo clarinet in A (1')
Garland (1981) for solo and duo celli (8',4') [also in version for electric cello and video]
Towards the Crest (1981) for bass clarinet (9')
Forms of Floating (1979) for solo flute (8')

Solo instrument (with accompaniment)

A Clean Sweep (2005) for shakuhachi and MAX/MSP (13')
Excavating the Perfect Farewell (2003) for viola and piano (18')
In Flight Together (2001) for violin and organ (4')
Written on Wood (2000) for percussion and piano (8')
Angel Skating [Violin Sonata No.2] (1999) for violin and piano (20')
Yearning (1997) for oboe with live electronics and tape (19')
Die Berliner Hornisse (1995) for alto saxophone and piano (10')
An Intimate Field (1991) for cello and piano (9')
Birds and Flowers (1990) for flute and piano (7')
Surge (1987) for contrabass and piano (9')
Roundabout( 1985) for contrabass and computer-generated tape (7')
Celestial Fragments [Violin Sonata No.1] (1980) for violin and piano (15')
Shadow Box (1978) for clarinet and piano (11')