Vocal Works


Our Heart and Home Is With Infinitude (1998) for soprano and piano (15')
(texts by Wordsworth, Baudelaire, Friedrich, Whitman, and Leopardi)
(see also Warm Waxing Wail, solo piano, Solo Song from Four Occasions)

Di Pensier a Pensier (2000) for soprano, mezzo soprano, and harpsichord (15')
[text by Petrarch]
Music Theater:

Trancendance (1991) for soprano, piano, and bass (w/electronics) [on Shaker texts] (15')
With Chamber ensemble:

The Sting of Command (2002) for baritone, violin, clarinet, piano and contrabass (4')
[text from Elias Canetti]
Seeing Forms, Hearing Voices (1999) for soprano, male chorus, strings, brass, percussion, keyboard sampler, and electroacoustic part (20')
[texts from Petrarch and Lotus Sutra]
Pensées Nocturnes (1994) for soprano and piano trio (13')
[texts by Blaise Pascal]
El Canto de los Asesinados (1993) for tenor, two backup singers, clappers, percussion, soprano saxophone and bass guitar (5')
[texts by Federico Garcia Lorca and Robert Carl]
Two Visions (1987) for soprano and thirteen players (texts by W.B. Yeats and Wallace Stevens) (20')
[see also Distant Shore II under "chamber orchestra"]
American Space (1983) for soprano and six players (text by Louis Sullivan) (14')