(all of Nick Sibicky's recordings are available for purchase on his website:

The Story of the Morning: Qwas' follow-up album to "The Oneiric."  This is a guitar-driven electronic-pop album  influenced by Radiohead, Bjork, Aphex Twin, Imogen Heap and others. ($11.99)

The Oneiric: Qwas' debut album.  Qwas is a collaboration between Nick and NYC-based vocalist, Melanie Curcio.  Qwas takes classical art song forms and molds them into electronic-pop sound-scape "dreams." Dany Barry, of the publication The Hartford Advocate, describes this album in his list of best CDs of the year 2004 as, "A dazzling look at the subscious on its own terms, rather than as a psychological oddity." ($11.99)

Sapling: is the first CD commercially released by Nick Sibicky back in 2003.   It mostly consists of chamber music written between 2001-2003 but also features a live performance of The Hartt Orchestra performing "The Mentally Unstable Hippopotamus," as well as a solo piano "Prelude and Fugue" performed by Nick himself.